Taling Chan Floating Market

Some say that Bangkok is Venice of Asia. They might be right as it floods here easily in :p
Taling Chan Market is a small floating market. It is only opened on weekend and public holiday.
What you will see here?tutorial android
If you want to do shopping, this is not a place for you to go. But if you want to eat, this is the right place for you. Also, you can buy a half day trip to see an orchid farm and old temple. Nothing much here, but it got a little bit of everything.

What to eat?
Noodles Soup – (Kuai Tiao Nam)

Note: When you walk to the floating pier, on the right hand side beside the pavilion, there is a yummy noodle calls Kuaichap. Try!
Pork Satay (Mu Satay)
Pad Thai

It costs around 400 baht for this big prawns.
Thai dessert – I recommend you to try as many as you can.
How much?
From 30 – 1,000 baht, depends on what type of food you get, if you order seafood, you will have to spend around 1,000 baht easily. For our family, normally, we spent around 300 baht. We got 2 noodles, fish cake, 2 soft drink, pork satay and scallop.

Sorry, I don’t have many photos here, I’ll take more photos next time. Normally, it is a quick trip for us, just go there get brunch, buy plants and go home.

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