Thai Driver License ขอใบขับขี่ไทยให้ชาวต่างชาติ

2 options to drive in Thailand, legally, you need to have an International drivers license, or Thai driver’s license.

To have Thai driver’s license, you need

  1. A valid driver’s license from your country NOTE: For Australians, you need to have an International driver license, as Australian driver’s license doesn’t show the type of vehicles.
  2. A copy of driver’s license / and a copy of international drivers license
  3. A Passport
  4. A copy of passport (ID page, Visa page, Stamp page)
  5. Non-Immigrant visa (NOT FOR TOURIST VISA)
  6. Residence Certificate in Thailand (You can get this from your embassy or go to the Immigration Office, Division 1)If you get the Certificate from the embassy, you need to get its translate and sign by the Department of Consular Affairs.  My suggestion is if you don’t have one, it is easier and cheaper to get the certificate from Immigration Office. Link to  Application Form Residence Certificate in Thailand
  7. A copy of house registration (only the head of  household page)
  8. Medical Certificate (around 300 baht from a hospital, and must not be more than 30 days old)

Go to the department of transportation that near your house, prepare to spend time there at least half day if you’re lucky. If not, whole day.

After they check your document, you will only have to do Dept Perception test, reflex test and color blind test. DONE!!!!

So Easy

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