Drawing on the fabric and blow the balloon using vinegar and baking soda

On Tuesday, 14 August 2017 we went to join homeschool group. All the kids had so much fun together. Before we started the class, kids got to play on the playground. I don’t have to tell you how much they enjoyed it. While they were playing, mothers also talked about what to do on coming Tuesday, planing on the upcoming winter (For Thais, winter is the best time to enjoy travelling in our country :D).





As our group is still new, we let the kids play game by calling the person’s name and they have to point at the person they called. This help kids to remember the name, and also help them not to get shy around people in the group.








Today, our activities are drawing on the fabric and blow the balloon using baking soda and vinegar. Well both of them are a very classic activity but it’s so much fun every time we do it. 


A very big surprise and proud of my little Claire because she can draw properly first time, she got a mountain, a bird, a tree, grass, water and the very blue sky. All the drawings that we got today, will be used to make a banner for homeschool meeting.